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classic | gift sets

Right now there is an occasion happening somewhere and even if there isn't you can still celebrate.Treat yourself, your family and friends with one of our fabulous gift boxes.

An essential hair and body gift set, ideal for home or travel. Go on, spoil yourself.

Components: Shower Gel (100ml), Body Lotion (100ml), Shampoo (100ml), Conditioner (100ml)
253,00 ZAR

Created exclusively for her, this ten piece travel kit, offers the perfect range of essential products to meet your every need. Designed to invigorate your senses and enhance your journey.

395,50 ZAR

A wonderfully refreshing duo, combining an invigorating and fragrant Liquid Soap with a Hand and Body Lotion that will leave your skin silky and delicately scented.

302,00 ZAR

Uplift your bathing experience and turn it into an aromatic celebration. A selection of five of our beautifully scented Bath and Shower Gels complete this irresistable gift set.

288,00 ZAR

An indulgent gift set with four travel size special treats to enrich your bathing experience. Let fragrance make your journey sparkle.

253,00 ZAR

Escape to a world of everyday pampering with this inspiring combination of indulgent products to intoxicate your senses and relax and inspire body and mind.

483,00 ZAR

Revive and soothe your tired feet. This extravagant gift set smoothes, moisturises, deodorizes and relaxes, putting the ritual back into foot care. Your feet will dance with joy.

429,50 ZAR

Candlelight, always flattering, charming and comforting. Infuse your home with fine and exotic fragrances from our Candle Collection. A treasured gift for almost everyone.

363,00 ZAR

A set of 3 mini candles to fill your home the heady fragrances of Charlotte Rhys Victor, Under the Leaves and Jasmine.

402,50 ZAR

These perfect travel essentials, created for him with pure elemental ingredients are designed to protect you on a unique adventure. A six piece travel kit neatly packaged in a clear minimalist bag, let the adventure begin.

363,00 ZAR

A special treat for all men! Three invigorating products ensure that this gift will always be appreciated.
Shipping restriction prevents sale outside of South Africa.

502,00 ZAR

This opulent gift set of Bath Milk, Massage Oil and Body Polisher is the ultimate collection for indulgent and aromatic skin and body pampering.

915,00 ZAR

Spice up any atmosphere and infuse your surroundings with fragrant scents. 3 Mini Atmosphere Diffusers elegantly boxed and available in a range of fragrances. 3 x 50ml
Shipping restriction prevents sale outside of South Africa.

564,00 ZAR

S5 Box


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