Charlotte Rhys Atmosphere Room Spray. Create an instant atmosphere anywhere, anytime. – Charlotte Rhys SA
Atmosphere Room Spray

Atmosphere Room Spray

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The secret to any warm and welcoming home is a signature scent. As a company dedicated to perfuming your world, we believe there's nothing more inviting or rewarding than entering a room filled with your favourite fragrance. Perhaps that's what makes our Atmosphere Room Sprays one of our most popular products.

Strong enough to set the scene yet delicate in delivery, our room sprays use innovative technologies to create a mist that complements and enhances your surroundings without taking centre stage. Available in all the Charlotte Rhys fragrances, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


  • 1 x 100ml Atmosphere Room Spray

All Charlotte Rhys products are vegan-approved, cruelty-Free and carefully crafted using sustainable practices.

Not for sale outside of South Africa due to shipping restrictions

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