Charlotte Rhys bath & shower gel. Leaves your skin tingling fresh and sparkling clean. Supplied with integral pump top. – Charlotte Rhys SA
CHARLOTTE RHYS - Bath & Shower Gel

Bath and Shower Gel

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Is there anything better than stepping into a steaming shower or hot bubble-filled bath? The answer is yes (if you add Charlotte Rhys Bath & Shower Gel to the mix of course!) Designed to leave your skin tingling, fresh and smelling divine, our effervescent, rich lathering gel is the perfect product for making your 'me time' all the more magical. 

Featuring a pump top, this luxurious Bath & Shower Gel can be purchased in all our signature scents.


  • 1 x 300ml Bath & Shower Gel

All Charlotte Rhys products are vegan-approved, cruelty-Free and carefully crafted using sustainable practices.

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