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Luxury with a conscience

Imagine a world where sustainability and sophistication unite in a sumptuous collection of bath, body home, and lifestyle products. That world is CHARLOTTE RHYS.

When a company is forged in the stunning setting of South Africa, gratitude for nature is inescapable. Being centred in one of the most biodiverse places on earth influences our fragrances, product collections and ethos. How could it not?
Simply put, we would not exist if it were not for the beautiful natural resources and communities on our doorstep. To honour this relationship, we’re committed to driving our business forward in the most sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly ways possible. This commitment is recognised through our accreditations from Beauty Without Cruelty and the Vegan Society of South Africa. It’s also seen throughout our supply chain, our practices and our products.
Without compromising our market position as a leading luxury brand, we’ve adopted a stringent green policy for our business. This market-leading pledge promotes the protection of natural resources, encourages sustainable development and reduces the negative impact that the cosmetics and beauty industry has historically caused to the planet.

Our green credentials   

We’re incredibly proud to be a vegan, sustainable luxury brand offering a range of ethical and eco-friendly fragranced products. Our green policy is always expanding but it currently includes the following:
  • We do not use SLES/ parabens/ petroleum by-products, liquid paraffin, or petroleum jelly/ PEGS [Poly Ethoxylated Glycols]/animal products or derivatives.

  • Indigenous plant material is exclusively sourced through ethical supply chains and has been sustainably ‘wild-harvested’ by the primary producers, actively protecting biodiversity.

  • Our Beauty Without Cruelty accredited products satisfy the ethical concerns we all share, while meeting the highest standards and expectations of sophistication, luxury, and quality. None of our products, or their ingredients, have been tested on animals.
  • As an ethical beauty brand, we comply with relevant environmental legislation and are committed to supporting ethical fair trade and socially responsible practices.

Kind to You and Kind to Nature

There are numerous reasons for choosing to be a sustainable luxury brand and ensuring we’re eco-friendly across our full product range - but what drives our customers? Why buy from an eco-friendly beauty or lifestyle brand?
  • With every purchase you make, you cast a vote towards an eco-friendly, clean, and sustainable future.

  • There are so many environmental issues today (global warming, pesticide pollutions, deforestation and micro-plastics), and these can be addressed in part through ethical shopping habits.

  • You’re helping to promote a society where companies must take commitments to the community and environment seriously.

  • Such purchases insist that measures are put in place to protect animal welfare and, in turn, this ripples out to the environment and ultimately benefits us all. That’s why CHARLOTTE RHYS commits wholeheartedly to being a vegan beauty brand and providing vegan luxury products.

  • Buying ethically is good for you and your well-being. There is a proverb that reads ‘If the farmer is poor, then so is the whole country’. Working towards a sustainable future where those involved are protected through sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly practice is in all of our interests.

Our sustainability story

  • Being a sustainable luxury brand and adhering to the Beauty without Cruelty regulations is as important to CHARLOTTE RHYS as the fragrances we create. We insist on creating products that are ‘Kind to You and Kind to Nature’.

  • All CHARLOTTE RHYS products are conceived and formed with the following criteria in mind: green, safety, efficacy, sustainability, Fairtrade, and vegan.

  • We strive to utilize ingredients and packaging which are

    • Sourced from sustainable resources.

    • South African in origin.

    • Environmentally friendly.

  • Please do join us in the fight for sustainable, eco-friendly practices by seeking to recycle or upcycle any packaging you may have after enjoying your luxury products.


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